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Information For New Members

Wakefield club members are justifiably proud of their bowling club and facilities and are sure you will enjoy being part of the club as much as they do.

They extend to you their friendship and hope your time with us will be both enjoyable and fun.

Good bowling from us all.

Web Site: http://www.wakefieldbowls.co.nz

Email:    wakefieldbowlssecretary@gmail.com

Phone:   03 541 8556

Web Site

The Club's web site contains News items, details on events, competition results, team selections, a Photo Gallery along with many more items of interest. The site will keep you up to date with life at Wakefield Bowling Club and you should go to it often for updates.

Club Programme

Every member receives a club playing programme for both the summer and winter seasons. As well you will receive a listing all current members’ telephone numbers.

Getting Started

For the first 5 years as a new full member you are classified as a 'Junior' and can play in events limited to other Juniors. You can also play in open events if you wish.

An important aspect of playing bowls is to enjoy the game. It is your choice how competitive or social you wish the game to be.

Buying a set of bowls is an important decision; sizes and styles are wide ranging. For a start please use the club bowls to establish your size and style. Take your time, get advice from the coaches and make sure you are entirely happy before you make a purchase.


Like any sport, bowls is more enjoyable and you will progress faster with qualified guidance.

Our coaches are there to help you; we all need coaching at times to advance our bowling skills and sort out any problems. Group coaching is held and individual regarding times and relevant details.

Club Captain

The Club Captain should be your first call for assistance if you need it and are unsure where to go for help. They are there to help all members of our club and will be more than happy to answer your questions as they arise.


There’s a variety of competitive bowling options available to you when you feel you are ready:-

Club Championships for men and women:- Open, Junior and Veterans.

Men and women’s Inter-club:- Mid week and weekends.

Tournaments:- There are many tournament options at Wakefield and other clubs.

Details can be found in the Club Programme and/or in the Nelson Centre Handbook, on the web site and on the Club's Notice Board.

Social Bowls

During the summer season, social rollups are held on Monday and Friday afternoons. Names should be in by 1.15pm for a 1:30pm start. Gala Days are often arranged for a weekend day when no other events are being held.

In winter, organised roll ups are held on Wednesday and Friday. Names should be in by 12.45pm for a 1:00pm

Dress Code

Whites or the approved club uniform must be worn for summer Club Championship matches, Tournaments, Inter-club and Centre events. All members of a team should wear the same uniform.

The club stocks club shirts in a variety of sizes. The Club Captain can help you obtain your uniform

Social and winter events are mufti.


There are established behaviours in the club and on the bowling green and you will pick up on this as you play. There is information on the notice board and advice is available.


There are some key rules on the bowling green to be observed by everybody to care for the greens. Approved flat soled shoes must be worn on the greens at all times. Bowling bags, food and drink should not be carried over the green. A smooth delivery of your bowl is also important to avoid damage to the green; coaching is available for bowling technique.

The board located outside the main gate will advise which greens are open for play. Also please note the direction of play sign allocated for that day by the arrow on the greenside.

Smoking is NOT permitted on the playing surface of the greens and is accepted only in the designated area.

When playing on the synthetic green the use of gripping substances on bowls is not allowed; use a damp cloth instead.

The Greens’ Supervisor is sole authority regarding the management of the greens.


All members have a responsibility to ensure that the club rooms and outbuildings are secure. Please be diligent at all times.

Annual Subscriptions

These are set at the club’s Annual General Meeting. Summer subscriptions are due by 1st October or before any play in club championships, interclub or centre events.

Winter play is on a pay as you play basis.

All financial players are eligible for both Summer and/or Winter membership.

Club Rosters

All the work involved in the running of our Club is done voluntarily by our members. There are rosters for a variety of activities.


Please do not hesitate to ask for assistance if you are unsure about anything and good bowling!

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